Shimmy 2B Free

Our 11th and final year – 2016.  We have had a wonderful 11 years and hope you join us for future adventures in Colorado and California.

2016 marked Shimmy 2B Free’s final year.  Shimmy 2b Free donated over $10K to various organizations over 11 years.  The four day festival celebrated years of fun and dance. with some amazing headliners.

While it seems sad to say the festival is retired, know that change brings new opportunities.  Feel free to contact the sponsors to find out about new ventures in Colorado and California.

Shimmy 2B Free’s two partners in crime are Selayma Anan and Phoenix of Denver.

Contact California sponsor Selayma (shimmy2bfree@gmail.com)

Contact Colorado sponsor Phoenix (phoenix_dancing@hotmail.com)

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